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FOM nanoRC

  • 產品說明
Product specificaton
53x 23 x 33 cm
<100mm width
Up to 2 m/min
Up to 160 °C
19 kg
Options available

Product description
The FOM nanoRC is the ideal entry point to begin scalable coating of functional thin films and devices. The FOM nanoRC has been designed to mimic the complex coating processes achieved on large scale roll-to-roll machines, while requiring a fraction of the cost and physical footprint. By leveraging years of experience in materials research and slot-die coating, the FOM nanoRC provides users with a simple route to precise, repeatable and scalable thin film production from any solution or slurry based precursor.

Key features
• Lab-scale simulation of R2R coating
• Simple film thickness control
• Uniform film thicknesses from nanometers to microns
• Entry-level price point 
• Intuitive touch panel interface
• Plug n’ play installation
• Compact size for easy moving and placement
• High material efficiency compared to blade & spin coating
• Great for education and training environments