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FOM vectorSC

  • 產品說明
Product specificaton
83 x 43 x 46 cm
<200mm width
Up to 5 m/min
Up to 200 °C
50 kg
Options available

Product description
The FOM vectorSC has been designed from the ground up to allow for easy control over coating on both rigid and flexible substrates. By integrating industry-grade components and user-friendly recipe features, the FOM vectorSC provides a seamless, accelerated user workflow and excellent control for coating a wide variety of active materials. It is an ideal solution for users aiming to bridge the gap between fundamental research and pilot-scale production, with an emphasis on versatility in compatible substrates and coating fluids.

Key features
• Compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates
• Excellent flatness and fixation on microporous vacuum table
• Automated coating via intuitive laptop interface
• Turnkey glovebox compatibility
• Compatible with fluids up to 20,000 cP
• Simple film thickness control
• Uniform film thicknesses from nanometers to microns
• High material efficiency compared to blade & spin coating
• Simple scaling from lab to R2R on FOM moduloR2C